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Environmental Products & Well Drilling Supplies in Waverly

At Aquaterra Resource Services Ltd, we offer a wide variety of environmental products and supplies. From monitor well materials to bentonite products, equipment rental sampling equipment and much more, we seek to provide you the best quality at a competitive price. Located in Waverley, we serve clients on all of the Atlantic Provinces. For more information about our products or to receive a quote, contact us today.

Monitor Well Materials

  • Solid and slotted PVC from ½" to 12"
  • Locking monitor well caps
  • Flush joint caps and plugs
  • Stainless steel v-wrap screens
  • Stainless steel and PVC pipe and screen
  • PVC
  • Key to like locks
  • Flush grade manholes
  • Manholes and well protectors
  • Above ground well protector
  • Well points

Bentonite Products

  • Granular bentonite - medium, #8, #16
  • Powered bentonite - extra high yield
  • Drilling fluids

Sampling Equipment

  • Waterra Delrin® foot valves
  • Waterra stainless steel foot valves
  • High and low density tubing
  • Clear vinyl tubing
  • Low and high turbidity 45 micron in-line filers
  • Waterra Hydrolift pumps
  • 12 v sampling pumps
  • Sampling pumps and bailers


  • Solinst® interface probes and water level indicators
  • Waterra interface probes and water level indicators
  • Testwell interface probes and water level indicators
  • Solinst temperature level conductivity meters
  • Solinst data loggers
  • WTW conductivity meters
  • Hanna conductivity and pH meters
  • Water level interface and TLC meters
  • Data logger
  • Water quality
  • Remediation equipment

Drilling Fluids

  • Water well drilling - 302 ES rock drill oil
  • Diamond Drilling
  • DD1200, DD-2000, torqueless
  • Ultra-Vis, DD-955, Xpand, Bit Cool
  • Form-A-Core
  • Environmentally safe drilling fluids and lubricants

Environmentally Safe Lubricants

  • Hydraulic oil
  • Chainsaw oil
  • Chain bar oil
  • Compressor oil


  • Control Chemicals
  • Greenland Corporation
  • Johnson Screens®
  • Morrison Bros. Co.
  • Solinst® Canada
  • Waterra Pumps
  • Alucast
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